Date: 4/12/2017

By Icha

It was like any other day. I was sleeping on my bed. I woke up, and then wanted to get out. I was surprised when there was 3-5 people on my living room. I asked my mom, and she answered, "We're going to match you with someone!" At first I was surprised because I never thinking about something like it. It's true that I never have a boyfriend or significant other in my whole life, and I'm kinda hard to find someone because of my appearance. So, when I hear about this matchmaking, I'm kinda sorry for whoever is going to be my husband. He's not too tall, not too fat. His appearance looked alike my brother but his complexion was darker. I can really figured it out because he was sitting near the door and the lights blocked his face. He was sitting next to his mother. Immediately, I knew that he is an age or two older than me. I was acting bored or not really interested with this stuff but deep down I was pretty happy because I can finally have someone to share my life with. The next thing I do was go to my family room. When the guests left, I asked my mom where's the other two? (Apparently, I know there were 2 other candidates). My mom said they didn't fit my mom's standard because they're not religious enough. I'm kinda disappointed because I didn't look at their face. The next thing I know, I went to a house on my complex and it was raining.