The stolen rental car

Date: 7/8/2017

By Purple

(In the waking world, I don't own a vehicle. I've rented a car twice in the last two months.) Dream: My rental car was parked in an indoor garage similar to those found in malls: made of concrete and can be several stories tall. In my dream, I noticed my rental car was moved from the original spot where I parked. Since I wasn't 100% certain of the spot, I let it go. I believe I was in some sort of work time frame, maybe it was lunch time. I happened to walk by my vehicle, and saw it was being driven away by a colleague. (I don't know who she was, but now that I'm awake, she resembled my dentist's assistant who I saw yesterday.) I confronted the girl, asking why is she driving my rental car?! She looked surprised to see me and get busted. I said I didn't give her permission, and where did she get the keys from? She reminded me I asked her to move it a few days ago. I replied: "That was a few days ago! Moving it that one time did NOT give you permission to DRIVE my car!" I also went on to explain that she is not on my rental insurance, and that if she gets into an accident I'm the one who is responsible. I told her to get out of the car this instance. The vehicle was obviously driven toward the exit. She raised her voice back at me, repeating that I told her she can use my car. She was impossible and a manipulative liar. I told her I was going to report her to the boss. I demanded she get out of the car and give me the key back. She must have taken the spare key off my key ring in my absence. I went back to the office to tell Joe. Someone had just walked out of Joe's office and closed the door. I opened the office door a split second later and noticed two female colleagues eating lunch in Joe's office, on a desk, facing the door. I peered my head in to the left and said, "Joe, when you have a minute, please," and then popped my head back out, waiting for Joe to come outside. I don't think I could trust those two girls and I needed to tell Joe in private. I knew this thief was going to lie when she would state her case. Waking notes: 1. Joe was my boss from 1991-1994; a fair and even-tempered personality loved and respected by everyone. His birthday is coming up tomorrow. 2. While the girl resembled my dentist's assistant, she had the same lying and manipulative traits as that bitch I had to work with from 2013-2016. 3. In my dreams, I never had any confrontations like this, because I can't tell if I'm dreaming or awake. I am really proud of myself for taking this step and sticking up for myself. I wonder if I did so because this was a piece of personal property and had nothing to do with work or office political bullshit.