Moving again & The Interstate Diner

Date: 8/27/2019

By fluffytree

Wow it's been a million years since I've recorded any dreams, but I wanna get back to it starting today. Anyway starting off, in last night's dream I was back in time to a year ago it seems because me and my family were moving out our old house and into a new one, however, it wasn't to the one we live now but yet a completely different one in a separate neighborhood and everything. I can't remember if it was better or worse than our real life current counterpart but I just know I didn't much care for it. We went back to the old house one last time to get our remaining things and found my late uncle there who passed away a couple years back. He was dressed up and trying to get me and my 2 siblings to attend church service with him. My grandmother was going too. I didn't really wanna go but felt obligated so I grabbed some khakis and a nice shirt out my closet that I still hadn't packed up yet and started to head out with them. At this point the dream morphed into an entirely different scene where we were now at my late great grandmother's house in Alabama visiting although I'm not sure why considering she passed away 4 years ago and we had to go move all her stuff out her house also. So maybe it had to do with that considering the whole moving theme going on throughout the dream. I suddenly recalled some false memories I never actually experienced because I began to think about how we just came from the nearby Walmart where I'd bought a physical shaving razor. This is highly unusual for me cos I only use electric but I do recall thinking I'd bought one to get a closer shave. I was staring at the glistening metallic handle and hoping I wouldn't cut myself. Then I went into the bathroom to begin. I put on some shaving lotion and began the process. It seemed to feel quite satisfying and was getting a much quicker and closer shave than my electric one. But once I finished I noticed that either my skin had gotten very bumpy and textured from it or I still had stubble. I couldn't tell but in that instant I was whisked away into another dream scene. Now I found myself sitting in an interstate diner with my grandmother and great grandmother. There was a large, high bridge that towered to the left not too far away and this was clearly apart of the highway we must've just gotten off of cos logical thought had me assume we were traveling even though I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there or even my old dreams I'd just experienced. We were the only black people there and it felt very southern so I'm assuming Tennessee or some place like that we'd been passing through. I felt uncomfortable with the racial dynamic and began to fear being treated badly since this was the South afterall, but soon I got distracted because there were a bunch of old people here where most were on some sort of tour bus. They were playing some game and getting ready to have a slow dance contest right there in the diner but first there was another contest going on for best fashion. 2 women got not only disqualified but kicked out the diner entirely for some reason. I think because they started bickering over something and it was turning into a physical grandma fight. One of the aides, a tall middle-aged white woman, escorted then out to the bus while we watched. Shortly thereafter I just randomly woke up from the dream.