Fbi at my house / Painting w/blood

Date: 4/9/2017

By dixsilence

So I went to the USA for some University trip and did some really bad things. When I was back at home the FBI started to send email warnings to me. I got scared and scrapped them without reading. The next day a letter with a package came at the mail. It was from the FBI again and I burned it. Sadly my mother took the package and opened it. It was a big piano with just a few keys. She was coming to my room to ask me wtf was all about and I noticed something written on the piano keys. The thing is I was at a museum at USA where they had the original national anthem recorded on a piano. I went there a overwrite all with gibberish nonsense and ran away. So the piano she had was written with all class of insults and recorded 1ith the actual shit I made.