Date: 8/2/2017

By Ayane

Three or four small cats were trying to lead me outside my room which had two small windows on the wall and they led to some other place. One cat was white and black and second was white and caramel brown thats what i can remember. They could open those windows and that was cute af and so idk how or what alex was in my bed and we talked about something and someone came and i thought it was a bitch i really hate since she hooked up with my ex and she was my best friend lol ok whore and she and aleks were whispering something and they started "making out" on my bed lit hugging all over me and i didnt even bother since i thought it was the bitch i hate BUT IT WAS BLISTAVA AKA BLISTAV BOL JA I DALJE NE ZNAM KAKO SE DEVOJKA ZOVE OK and she asked me about Iva like how she doin and i was like bitch idfk and she said that she ran away from her house and got married to him and she is like 17 lmao and after that we were throwing garbage from my terrace and i can assure you it was my hood but it was different a lot it was abandoned like there were no buildings like a bomb fell and my building survived it was so weird and we went out and i got money from dad and lmao he gave me 600din and it was one bill like one paper that said 600din and i was like omg i didnt know this exists and i went outside and i cant remember anymore..