Intro to college dream

Date: 8/24/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

I went to a college for some kind of live-in, seeing-how-it-is thing. I was there with a dude I didn't know. He had long straight black hair that was a little over shoulder length. He looked Hispanic, maybe Brazilian. We were walking through the hall and we passed a class that had two enormous sheet cakes outside of it on tables. One of the cakes was already eaten out of. I wanted some of the cake. It looked like it had chocolate mousse in it. Next to the cake, there was a sign that read something along the lines of: "Only For Student In Class." I ignored the sign and took a slice. I looked up, and through the window, the teacher was looking at me. He looked mad and approached the classroom door to reprimand me or take the cake away. Me and the kid ran down the hall. We went down another hall. I didn't have the cake on me, but I did have roller skates. I skated down the hall, and slowed when I saw a handicapped student. He wasn't in a wheelchair - he had wheels attached to his legs. I let him pass and me and the kid continued to go down the hall. We came to a clearing that vaguely reminded me of a cafeteria. There were a bunch of college kids loitering around. Since we weren't in college, they decided to haze us, which didn't make sense because we weren't being accepted into anything. They started pushing us around and stuff, nothing serious. They left after a while. Soon the day ended and me and the dude I was with laid down on opposite ends of a long couch and waited to get picked up.