My wedding

Date: 6/24/2017

By MarlenePsychom

The dream starts one day before my wedding. (I'm 13 so this is kinda weird) I don't remember who the guy was. I was NOT looking forward to it. I just wanted to get it over with because I hate parties and I hate all the attention on me. Then the day of the wedding comes and my 'fiancé's' brother comes first. His name is Joshua, that's what I remember. He was reading a letter I wrote to my 'finances' family. I remember the letter said something like "Here is is $99 dollar letter" something like that. Then he complimented my writing. He said to my mom "At least she has very nice handwriting" and my mom said "Yea she's very artistic" (not irl) Btw the wedding ceremony took place in my back yard. The next scene was my dad unloading balloons from his truck and I asked "What are those for?" And he said,"They're gonna say 'My first wedding'".