Skate park with Mom

Date: 3/15/2019

By SicksRayne

We were skating around the skatepark, my mom who had never really skated before was there. Her board has clear transparent trucks on the bottom of it. As I was acknowledging her cool and weird trucks, 2 kids walked by with the same trucks on their boards, except they used their trucks to store food. I could see macaroni and cheese sitting inside this kids board. I laughed it off with my mom and we talked a minute. Me: “So you catching on?” Had: “not really, but did you notice how no one here has called me out or anything? You’d be surprised how much people don’t actually care,” Then some metal screamo came on and all my friends and I out of nowhere started to hardcore dance to be funny. I started to “pick the grass” and I looked around the corner to see one of my friends pummeled by two or three other people. I helped him up and I do not remember any other part... SicksRayne