Latin America

Date: 3/10/2017

By aguasfrescas

i was in mexico with my family and we were in some type of city though i don't know exactly where. we were driving on the highway and i was seeing all sorts of unfamiliar buildings. we finally drove around this huge building that looked like the round ball building at epcot center in disney world. we drove right up to it and there was an opening so that cars could park there. it was a hotel and this is where we would be staying. we get out of the car and into another one because we were suppose to be taking a tour of some sort. [dream sequence changes/interrupted] i came upon a poor family in the middle of nowhere. they were farmers. it was just the mother and her two daughters. they were twins. they were young girls probably seven years old or something. they had dresses on. i was in a group of scientists studying monkeys presumably. i came upon them and i smiled. i spoke in spanish to them and they did back to me and i was asking them what they did and how life was. they showed me the right type of purple corn to pick. she put the corn in my hands and i remember feeling it in my hands. they said "yes i was born here, do i look native to you??" and i said yes you do. "believe it or not i'm actually mexican do i look mexican to you???" i said and they both looked at each and then back at me and said "what!! no! you are??" and i told them in spanish. "mis bisabuelos eran de méxico" and my grandma was a migrant worker in america. in america it's hard for people like you and me to be well off. it's a struggle." then i looked off into the vista. the sky was huge. there were dark rain clouds in the very distance, yet the sun was still up where we were. and the sky was very saturated in color. fluffy clouds were there too. there was a nice breeze. the grass was pale green. there was a fence that divided their farm with the giant land on the other side. then there were chimps on the other side and other species of apes. they were very peaceful and quiet. all of a sudden there were mini pools on my side of the fence and the water would lead to the other side. i had dropped my ice cream into one of pools and didn't know if i should eat it again because monkeys had probably been inside the water. but a part of me wanted to because i thought "well isn't this a dream so it doesn't matter?" but i ended up not eating it.