Gangster Card Game

Date: 6/8/2019

By Y0Universe

My family was at a place similar to Grandma M's place. There were gangsters having some kind of card game. People were drunk and they required everyone to play this game. A man to my right resisted and one of the gangsters came over and shot him in the head. I kept my cool. There were 3 or four tables of people playing this game. As the game went on the gangsters became more drunk. And people found ways to leave or use the bathroom. I was right next to the gangsters table. I noticed most of the other people had left. I said I had to use the restroom real fast. I went to the basement. I found my family. Nico said we need to leave. Dono seemed unaware of the danger that has transpired. We went upstairs and Dono politely said we needed to get the family back home and thanked the gangsters for being good hosts. Then I woke up