The Jocular (and Unsettling) University

Date: 5/2/2017

By Fitful

I was going to school, this university, and it was very busy there. The library had an interesting system and I found a library book and brought it home, but it was impossible to turn into the library. It had a note in it, my ex, a woman, had been lost... Kidnapped. And she was trapped below the school living with a dog, this tan pit bull, eating whatever scraps it could bring her to keep alive. She was sad, I spoke to her there, that I had found the book. It meant it would never get turned in and she would never be found. There was a hidden note in code detailing her kidnapping. ----- I had a small house off the school, as least in the beginning I did. It was very small, hardly the size of a kitchen and a living room. It was empty of furniture, while I was away everyone decided to have a party there, it was a wake. For my most recent lost relationship. My ex was there as well, a different ex. I came home and I found them all stuffed in my house, it might have been hundreds of people, emphasis on the plural. I shoo'd them out. Everyone left except my ex, her son, and a few other close people. Her son, he was around age 7, was there with a cardboard cut out which looked like a fat vampire Russian stacking doll, and he had used it three years in a row for Halloween as a costume. I though of a way to make it be a different character for this year by turning it upside down. --- A female teacher at the school got her legs chopped off in some accident. Now she was permanently bound to a motorized wheelchair. It was white this wheelchair. She had an apartment built into the basement of the school and it was built only half tall, since she wouldn't need to stand, with a very small elevator just the size of her and her wheelchair. She was very happy with this. I wondered what it would be used for after she didn't work there anymore. It made it seem like she would work there forever. ---- It was a really hot sunny day, and the whole school was seeming to have a pool party at the school, water and soap were everywhere coating aal the floors and sidewalks. I was busy and distracted, I left a phone on the charger downstairs, this was a phone I didn't use, and then my main phone, my white lg, nearly died when I was on the bus, during a video chat, so I ran off the bus and put it on a charger set up outside. Or maybe this was a time reset thing, I lost the phone once and the dream reset and then I lost it again. I made the mistake of leaving it on a huge potted tree area. That specific tree pot had been designated the area lost, discarded, broken electronics were left for someone else to find and maybe use. I didn't think anything of it but I did realize a bit later in this crush of people it might get stolen. I rushed back to that area but it was gone, I was crushed. My whole life was on that phone. Some old black guy, kinda scruffy and homeless-esque twice I met him and heard his advice. The first time was inside the building, the second time when I discovered my white lg missing. He saw me upset and sympathized. I was mad for losing the sim card. I said I liked my phone number and didn't want to change. He said there was a shop I could go to, a metaphysics shop, which would clean my energy from the lost phone so whomever stole it wouldn't be able to affect me. They would basically make sure I was "dead" energetically. I met him twice, and he tried to sell me on this twice. Each meeting was like the first like we had never met before. ---- Lucy Lawless was wandering around the school, she was visiting for the day. I'm not sure why, either doing security or teaching a class. Either way she often said hi as she passed, a hand to my shoulder. I felt very safe with "xena" wandering around my school. Although she was the dressed like Xena, instead wearing a normal suit, she was in Xena's character. She had an American accent. ---- I was down in the basement visiting my ex the one stuck kidnapped in the walls with the dog. She was washing cars for money. She pulled a water hose through the foundation of the school and proceeded to spray water at the car which was soapy and consequently at me. I was very upset, in this dream I hated water, worse than a cat. I ran off screaming I hate water. --- After finding my white phone gone I went off searching for the black one left on the charger hoping it hadn't been stolen too.