Death 1944

Date: 4/17/2019

By AraceliM

I feel death coming. I feel pain. Then the pain ends I feel at peace. Somewhere in between this I see my (I think two or three) dogs playing outside my home. My home was a small one story home. I see God or someone or it just appeared. What I see is a big grave being dug. I talk to God or jesus it felt like both. I volunteer and ask god and jesus I am ready can I have the honors of being buried next to jesus. In a mans voice God jesus said yes. In a third person view I see myself being put down in the dirt. Then in first person I feel the pressure of the dirt on my body I hear God or jesus tell me I am okay, comforting me along my journey of death. I tell him tell my family I love them. In my bodies head I see fces of my family. I dont recognize them as the family I have no. I just have a feeling or sense of family that I have now. God/jesus then reassures me that he will make sure they are loved. Then I feel the dirt, as I breath, in my nose. I start to feel fear, and I wake up. As soon as I wake up I remember 1944. I make sure I save that number in my head and I began to write my dream.