Zombies and Romance

Date: 3/12/2017

By Clarisse Fray

Basically I was in a house of some sort and I was with another girl. We were around the same age and we were stuck inside the house. It was really weird because I for some reason didn't really feel scared, if anything I felt confident and strong and as if I was some kind of warrior. It was a surreal type of experience. Anyway as I was in the house, specifically in a room, my room I opened my window. By the way the house we were in was gorgeous. It was only one floor from what I can remember and the view from the house was gorgeous. It was like we could see the city from our location and yet far enough so that there was actually country separating us. Anyway, back to the story as I opened my window I didn't realize yet there were zombies. I only realized 5 minutes later when I began to here a noise outside which by the way it was weird because I could see the beautiful view outside from windows, but it was like a few windows which were in my room were boarded up. So again back to the story as I heard the moans and groans from zombies outside I grabbed my knife and started to stab their heads. I was doing it as if it were nothing. I just kept stabbing their heads and from what I remember the reason why I was doing it was because the girl I was with was screaming and scared or something. We were friends I think and she was the one to tell me that they were zombies. Anyway, after I stabbed them or as I was stabbing them but was finishing up someone came into our room. It was a man and when he spoke I recognized him it was Paulo Avelino. I was suprised to see him and yet somehow it was natural to see him. He was actually the one who was keeping us within the house. I wasn't scared of him in fact I was attracted to him. He was the same but in his situation he was using both of us, the other girl and me. I saw him with her and it felt weird. It actually hurt that he was with her and seeing them together. So anyway on with the story, he came in my room because he was looking for her I guess and when he saw her he basically took her and left my room. I don't remember what happened after that but I remember that I wanted to take a shower. The only problem was that someone was in my shower, so I used the other girl's shower. When I went in her bathroom it was clean at first so I went in. Mind you as I left my room in the first place it looked amazing. It looked like rich people lived there all the furniture was nice and the color scheme was white. Anyway, when I entered her bathroom it was filled with colors and since it looked ok I began to undress. I turned on the shower and then I saw cockroaches, 2 small ones. I screamed and ran out of the bathroom.I wasn't for some reason fully undressed in fact I think I was about too but saw the cockroaches and ran out. When I ran out I went into his bedroom. It wasn't my first time in that bedroom for some reason. From what I remember I saw Paulo in that room doing something but I don't know what. Anyway, I went in his room and I knew that I could take a shower in there because Paulo was currently busy with the other girl. They were somewhere within the house I think in her room. While I was in his room I remembered that the reason I remembered where his bathroom was, was because I actually saw him shower and I think I was hot and bothered by it because it honestly turned me on. Anyway, as I slowly walked in further into his room, I really began to undress and left some of my clothes on the desk and then I heard the door knob start to turn and someone was walking in. I knew it was Paulo so I ran into the shower. My other clothes were still on top of the desk but I was sure that it was hidden because it was in front of a vase filled with flowers. I was topless in the shower with my hand over my mouth and as he walked in further into the room I could hear him talking. But then I wake up and I don't know what happens next because IRL I hear the door open and my dad come out to go to the bathroom.