Alien reckoning

Date: 6/27/2017

By warfaith

Dark somewhat cloudy evening. Come to in an airport am traveling with aunt and mom. My mom has misplaced her ticket after checking that it was safe for the twelfth time since we walked into the airport. We have to walk outside to check if she has dropped it. I see a strange shaped cloud on the horizon - "what is that?" "Nothing, do you have my ticket?" "No, seriously, was there an explosion?" Not believing the response, ever paranoid, and because that cloud is definitely a suspicious shape, I search online to find the spd twitter reported a small plane crashed in a field not far away. "Mom look a plane just crashed. That's the smoke from the plane" "Oh that's sad, I hope everyone is okay. Now really, help me find this ticket." As she is rumbling through the bag my aunt and I share a knowing smirk, knowing that it most definitely is in the front pocket of her triangle shoulder bag where she safely placed it the last time she checked. I am scrolling through my phone and am about to tell her where her ticket is but I see a flash of light in the sky. Thinking it is just a plane landing in shrug it off and go back to my ever important texts. But my aunt points to the sky, all around us people start cheering. These are definitely not airplane lights. Those are not man made. The cheering gives way to screams as people run indoors, trying to escape the unknown lights that are flying above us. We run. I try to keep track of my family but we are separated. They are no where to be seen. In an instance the crowd thins there are half the people around me that we're here before. A little girl is crying next to me where I swear there were just two adults standing with her. People are crying, calling out names of people who are not standing were they were two seconds earlier. I scan the crowd for my mom and aunt. I see them I call to them and we meet in the entrance of the departure lounge. The lights are gone and now all we hear are sirens and screams. There is no cell service. The taxis have scrambled. We wait. The night turns cold, we have our suitcases so we are able to put on more layers. We sit, we wait. Trucks roll in to collect us and transport us to a safe location. There's are not trucks but are more like boats the seats are cushioned and the drivers seat is in the back. It is raining. We sit in the front of the ship/truck thing and transport to the naval station that is minutes from my parents house. We know by now that people have disappeared. We worry that Charlie will not be there when we get home. Why are we still here? What has happened? We are driving and make stops along the way. It is raining. We arrive, the town is being protected by boys yielding machine guns. A small argument ensues between my mother and a guard who is trying to turn me and my aunt away. We get in. We get home. Charlie is, as we suspected, not there. Why are we still here? Where are they? It is raining.