(Edit) The Weirdest Dream that has ever made me emotional

Date: 6/11/2017


I dreamed that my friend and I were in a back of a pick up truck. He said, while crying, to the driver "My hands are hurting. Please, make it stop. Make the pain go away." The driver just ignored him. I offered to help him. He put his hands out and I grabbed them, and held them. I had no emotion on my face while doing so. We both stared at each other while I held his hands, he was still crying a little bit and sniffling. And then, we started to lean in closer to each other for a hug. Once we hugged, my face changed from no expression to a sad/surprised expression. I woke up after that and I started crying, but for no apparent reason. There is nothing wrong with my friend, and this is the most weirdest dream that has ever made me emotional. I've studied this dream for weeks and the different beginning is the only thing that I've come up with so far. Any thoughts of explanation would be greatly appreciated.