The Mirrors

Date: 2/17/2017

By TeddyBear96

I was walking along a road when I saw a carriage stop in front of me. They would bring me to a castle that was only a few miles away and a woman would bring me to a room, fit for a princess. The castle was beautiful and I had all of my luggage as if I were moving. While I stood in the room the woman that had brought me to the room (Mia) spoke to me about why I was here. For some reason I felt myself being pulled towards a mirror, I looked at it and five seconds late the woman pushed me into it, but instead of it breaking, I went inside the mirror. When I was inside the mirror, my clothes had changed, I was now wearing a rather large gold colored dress. But that hadn't mattered to me, The room or world that I was in had about ten other mirrors. Which for some reason I went looking into, until I stopped in front of one and there was a man looking back at me, He had brown hair and a brown beard with a black and white suit on. The closer he got to the mirror the closer I got, It was as if he could see me. I reached out to touch the mirror and my hand went in and his hand gripped mine, I tried to pull my hand away but that just pulled him inside of this world with me. I had stumbled and almost had fallen down but the man (Eric) had gripped my waist and held me close. Suddenly we were both dancing around the room, my eyes concentrated on his. We exchanged our names, His,Eric. Mine being, Belle. We suddenly stopped and he was leaning into me, and we shared a kiss. And suddenly his shirt was off, But I hadn't taken it off, and then my dress was gone and he nor I had taken it off either. Thats when my anxiety kicked in, I had started to stutter and pulled away from him saying "I-I can't handle this." Which for some reason made my dress reappear. I then stumbled away towards the mirror I had came from and he seemed to follow saying "You do not need to fear me Belle, I wouldn't hurt you." Which only made me turn back at him and say "I don't know you, how could I trust you...." I then turned back to the mirror and moved to go back through, Only to feel him grip my hand and fall forward with me through my mirror. We landed in the room, on the now broken mirror. Mia (The woman) stood over top of us muttering "Eric....Is that really you." which then she continues to explain that Eric is the King that had disappeared about three years ago. Which also so happened to be her fiancee. And thats where I woke up....