Date: 4/28/2017

By Jenna_Winters

i was with a rounders team over here from another place and we were playing in the field near my house. our captain was extremely abusive and one girl got sent off because she was gay and I was like WTF and the coach was like challenging me so i ran away and he was like i hope you die. so i was running up the road and I notice my house, i suddenly remember something and Then I realise im lucid dreaming. i then run to heartlands and i can feel the burning in my lungs whilst thinking im dreaming. when I get to heartlands instead of the gardens there is a giant colluseum anf shit. Then suddenly im a boy ghost and im playing around in the colluseum floating through grails and shit. me, this girl ghost and some scientist all discover we are really old, like im 93! t we park on the highstreet and the parking attendand is really smelly then we go to a ghost diner and I get lamb chop in a doggy bag and as we go out the shop the girl ghost is like 0.0 at a group of people and she is like oml they are evil so we run away. then I am back on the plane with my abusive coah and he is angry and me again. then is shifts to year 11 girls playing rounders with year 7 girls and they are really shit.