No one to go to prom with, supervisor at family party, and I suck at sign language

Date: 9/27/2019

By pinkstar16121

I was going to be going to this prom, but I didn't have anyone to go with. This lady with these really freaky and menacing-looking eyes that like were narrow and drooping who was just one of the chaperones said she could be someone's date who didn't have a date, but that she would advise against it. She started criticizing her appearance, acknowledging that her eyes were creepy and unfriendly-looking, but that she couldn't make them look friendly like this, she demonstrated by pulling her eyelids up so they didn't droop, unless she got an eye lift. She eventually turned into my supervisor. They both actually look similar in appearance hair wise, but obviously my supervisor is much more attractive with good-looking eyes. I was considering going to prom with her, but I was trying to figure out a guy my age who I could go with. I didn't feel comfortable going with her; I didn't think it was appropriate. I couldn't think of someone though, so I decided just not to go, knowing I'd already been to three proms, and I was too old for prom anyway. I focused on talking to the kids who were the right age to go to prom. There were three kids with disabilities, two who had gone to my school and one who kind of reminded me of a girl who went to my school, but she was someone else. She asked me if I could help her put on her socks. I happily agreed, wanting to be of help, but I soon realized it was difficult. I kept trying and trying to get it on right, but couldn't pull it up past her toes. It was because I couldn't quite position it onto all her toes. I talked to her about the prom as I kept trying to get the socks on her feet, which she started to put in front of my face. It made me feel kind of uncomfortable. I asked her if she was excited to see her friends, just saying their names, the kids who I mentioned before who aren't really kids actually. She said she wasn't really looking forward to seeing them. "Why?" I asked. "They're your friends." I don't remember her answer. The next parts I can't really remember the order of, but I remember being at my house in the living room on the floor with the TV on really loud. I had my purse with me with my phone inside it, and suddenly it started to vibrate. Someone was calling me. I turned down the TV and quickly tried to get my phone out, but it was too late. I saw that one of my supervisors had called me. In the dream her last name wasn't what her last name is irl. I tried immediately calling her back, but every time I tried, this other lady's number came up, a lady who was one of the prom chaperones. The closest I got to calling her was when I somehow ended up calling both of them at the same time, and the lines got crossed. At one point I was in my kitchen with my stepmom. She was making spaghetti that was basically already made. There was a dish of it on the counter. I think this is when I saw the box of penne pasta on the table. My stepmom was angry or just annoyed with me about me and my siblings not visiting enough, like she wanted us to stay over for like a week. I told her I do visit and reminded her that last September I did stay over for a whole week. She said that was not good enough though, like it didn't count because I had to come over so I could get a ride to school and work. I acknowledged that, but I said I also had a great time with my sister, trying to say I wasn't just using them. There was also a part where I was watching this movie with these people, and there was a rule that we couldn't have any candy, and if we were caught we would get removed. They did a check to make sure no one had any candy, making everyone reach in their pockets and show if they had anything in them. I was positive I had nothing in my pockets and reached into my jacket pockets, which were empty, then my jeans pockets. My heart skipped a beat when I felt something in there. I figured it was something else, but when I pulled it out I saw it was a mini Milky Way. My logic for a second said chocolate doesn't count, they were talking about like fruity candy, but I knew it did count. I was removed from the room then. The next part I was at a family party at my house with my dad's whole family. I saw my uncle and his youngest son. I, for some reason, noticed my cousin's skin looked really good like he was wearing makeup. He also seemed to be wearing blush. I, myself, was wearing concealer. My uncle commented on how my skin looked good. He asked me and I guess my sister who was there what our hygiene routines were. I simply said I brush my teeth, which is obvious 😂 and I wash my face. I wanted to say the specific face wash I use, which is Aveeno Clear Complexion, but I couldn't think of the name, although I could picture it. I wanted to go get it to show him, but I didn't. Then, my sister was telling him her hygiene routine. "I take a shower every night," she said. Then, I was in this outdoor place where I saw almost simultaneously my supervisor who I had been trying to get ahold of and my aunt and cousin who live out of state. I was so excited to see my aunt and cousin. I went up to them and hugged them. Then I went to my supervisor and said, "I finally got in contact with you" or I was just thinking that. I was trying to tell her that I tried calling her, but I couldn't get ahold of her, but I never got to say that because it didn't fit into what we were talking about. We were walking somewhere or we were somewhere else that I didn't recognize, but I remember her telling me about what she wanted to write a proposal about. I am doing an internship where she does grant writing, and that's what I want to do, so I'm learning from her and the executive director. It made more sense in the dream, but it was not a grant proposal at all, just an argument. The argument also doesn't even make sense thinking about it now, but she said basically she wants to argue that people need to use all the statistics in a testimony, like they can't just use statistics that make their argument look good, which is really the whole point of making an argument, to use evidence that proves your point. I don't know, but she said if you leave out statistics, it could make you look bad, like you're not being truthful or you're being deceiving. It makes absolutely no sense, but those are my dreams, just nonsensical stuff. This got me excited though because apparently in an earlier part of my dream that I only vaguely remember, I was in some class, and the teacher said the same thing. I was trying to tell her, but she kept talking and I couldn't get her attention. I kept saying "oh my God. Literally yesterday, literally yesterday..." I felt like we were friends rather than mentor and intern in that moment. Eventually her attention was on me trying to tell her something, and she was like "what were you trying to say?" So, I told her that my teacher said the same thing about not leaving out statistics. The last part I remember, my supervisor said to me that I should learn sign language, like it was like a necessity I would need to know to succeed, kind of like learning Spanish is an advantage to have. So, I had this girl teach me sign language. I remember saying I knew a little sign language. I showed her how I knew the sign for mom and dad, and I think I might have shown her how I knew the sign for thank you, but I can't remember. I think that came after she was trying to teach me this particular sign that I can't remember what it was for, but it was like a whole phrase and it had to be done in such a particular way. The sign was taking three fingers on your right hand and the palm of your other hand and sliding your palm horizontally across the fingers repeatedly, except you had to do that thing with the fingers of your palm hand where you split your pinky and ring finger from your middle and index finger, which I can't do irl, but she kept trying to get me to do that because apparently if I didn't, the sign wouldn't be right. I also apparently wasn't moving my hands in the exact way she was, and she kept telling me I wasn't doing it right. After like a few tries, she basically said I'm not good at sign language. It made me feel really shitty, but I think I then showed her my thank you sign, and she said that was good.