Exs always ruin everything

Date: 6/26/2017

By Isavmartinez

My friends and I were on our way to the hospital for a shift, the only people I recognized were my friends Izak and Isaac who was driving. We were on the freeway, the freeway was like a big tunnel, and it seemed like at every 5 feet there was a crash. All of the sudden we get a call threw the radio telling us to come back. We make a U-turn on the freeway and about a mile behind us all the cars just stop and there was this huge crash. "Oh My God." I remember saying before the dream suddenly shifted. And I was on the freeway again except this time with my boyfriend who happened to be Cole Sprouse (just got done watching Riverdale.) We were walking, on the freeway and we had to get off so we turned on this really small opening which was apparently an off ramp and you had to slide down something to get off. Cole slide down first and then me, after I slide down we were greeted by my ex, we'll call him J. I remember us just staring at each other until suddenly J grabs my face and kisses me, after a few seconds I pushed on his chest pushing him away from and and looked over at Cole who was seeing what I was going to do next. "My boyfriend is right there." I say kind of calmly yet raising my voice just a tad as I point over to Cole who was now sitting on a rock at this point. J didn't say anything. The dream suddenly shifts to a different setting where we're inside a room, Cole was gone and it was just J and me. I think we were sitting on a bed, I was sitting on one edge while he was sitting on the opposite side, our backs to each other. J says, "So what about those questions I asked you?" I replied back, "What questions?" He then leans back besides me so he can see my face and shows me this notepad that had a few words and a bunch of scribbles, the only word I was able to make out or remember was 'anxiety.' "I wrote them down so I wouldn't forget." He said and smiled, his smile was like of like a creepy smile and I didn't feel comfortable about it at all. At one point I was standing at a table picking out different type of cookies but idk what part of the dream that was is.