Fight and Flight

Date: 7/6/2017

By comatose-dreamer

I was at a college orientation. I was in one of the bathroom stalls and this guy I went to school with was standing outside my stall so he could kidnap me. I shot out of the stall and started using my self defense on him. Some of my punches and kicks didn't phase him, but I did a surprise punch to the groin and that took him down. I ran away and for some reason ended up running into the group of guys that wanted to kidnap me. They wanted me to marry one of the guys from their group. I felt really disgusted and walked away. I lived in this little town and was in an old small store. The people that ran the store were trying to trap me in one of the rooms. I escaped through the small window in the room. I suddenly developed the ability to jump really high and some time after that, I was able to fly. There were 4 teenagers that were also trapped in the store and I saved them by having them fly by joining hands with me.