zombie apocalypse

Date: 2/5/2017

By apocalypse

Zombies. found a secrete government base that had been empty for a while once opened 2 zombies came out and bit some people I was with (unknown) and the zombies started to spread. I found clear target warehouse filled with food and water with a farm and honey farm nearby. There were other people too I was older maybe 20's when I found them everyone was hungry and I made a speech. I told them that we should treat ourselves with one large meal after I am done talking but later I will hold a meeting about plans and rations afterward and they all agrees. I led a small group of about. 15-20 people on rations and plans of looting amongst other things. we stayed their for years until the zombies were somewhat under control but then we were attacked by another gang and we successfully defended them ( I remember specifically they rode horses and attacked with Katanas the leader spoke to me. They took Gatorade and I stabbed the crates full of Gatorade ruining them) then we went back out into a developing society of thousands but still zombies were present. All the sudden I found my cousin josh at a wrestling establishment and we wrestled then I woke up