Creepy Man at the Festival

Date: 2/26/2017

By broadwayylmao

I and a bunch of friends went to a festival similar to ACTF. It was me, Juniper, Matt, Chase, Abby and a bunch of random other kids. We were eating at a restaurant when I saw this old guy sitting alone. He was slightly bigger, with a chin-strap beard and mustache, with thick glasses and a decent head of hair. He was alone so I asked if I could sit by him, and I did. This went on for two nights until the last night. I was rooming with Abby, who was going to a party that night. She told me that Chase and Matt would be my ride tonight with a bunch of other girls, so I shouldn't be late. So I'm sitting at the table with this man, who is asking me what my perfume is and if he could smell it more and other creepy questions. Mom comes up and says hi, but doesn't see the silent panic on my face. Juniper is sitting a table away but she doesn't get the hint. I realize I'm running late and I'm eager to get away from this man anyways, so I thank him for talking with me and leave. As I'm leaving I see him get up from the table, too. I'm wandering around this dark and quiet parking lot, looking for Chase's car. I see it, but then see no one in it. I pass it only for Chase and Matt to start it up, laugh at me and then jokingly drive away. I'm scared of the man from before coming and finding me, so I'm screaming and crying while chasing after the car. Chase and Matt come back, and they park the car and say we'll just walk since it's not far. I'm happy I'm with them and that the guy seems to be gone. We get to this building and walk down some stairs, where a bunch of kids are siting outside. We're at an audition for Oklahoma. We wait our turn and then go in. James Gray is there and he's teaching us a number. We spread glitter out on the floor and then lay in it. I feel like there's too much on me so I spend a lot of the time trying to rub it off. I watch the kid in front of me do a flip towards the center and I'm scared they're gonna make me do a flip even though I can't do one. Then I woke up.