i almost lost my brother

Date: 9/13/2019

By JernsDreams

my brother was driving my moms car. i was in the passenger seat. someone else was with us. my brother was driving extremely recklessly but i don’t remember why. i told him to slow down but he wouldn’t listen. then i was in third person POV, i watched the car crash into a toll booth and then we ended up in like a parking garage setting where the final accident took place. in the other car that he hit was a family. husband, wife, and one young child (probably 3 or 4). everyone survived the accident. i was hysterically crying looking for my brother. once i found him i couldn’t stop crying and hugging him. then a song started to play (i wish i could remember what) that was ironic to the situation. my brother was like “haha this song with this situation” and started goofily singing it to me while he held me. next scene we were running from someone or a group of people. it was a larger group of us this time. we came upon a restaurant that i had previously used to hide in a dream before. we sat down at the table and ordered drinks. all of a sudden a group of people (mostly girls) came crashing in after us. we were ready to fight and ended up taking one of the girls as ransom. at some point when we were driving on the highway she tried to jump out of the moving car. apparently that was common for her people. that’s all i remember