Zombies and what might as well be them - GoT

Date: 4/29/2019

By wakeup4makeup

So of course I would dream about my own version of the fight against the dead last night, after watching GoT season 8 episode 3. The first part of the dream was an epic battle to keep zombies marching toward our city out of our city. There was fighting going on everywhere, and I was trying to find a safe place with safe people. There were a lot of helicopter rescues happening where people were at the top of buildings that were slowly being taken over by zombies. The next part of the dream was the most disturbing. After so many had been lost, the government found a way to prevent someone from turning into a zombie that they have to fight against if they die, by giving people a drug that essentially lets the government control their actions. The part of this systematic control that I dreamed about was where it was still told to everyone that taking the drug was a choice, and everyone was encouraged to take it. However, in reality, people’s homes would be raided and they were being forced to take the drug. You could barely tell if someone had already taken the drug, but certain characteristics became noticeable in people who had taken it. People had stretched faces, with bulging eyes, and their demeanor was a little too happy and trusting and a little too dumb. So the point in the story that I was dreaming was trying to find a safe place again , with people who were willing to fight against people coming to give us the drug. The groups of people I was traveling with were changing their minds or being tricked, so I spent a lot of time looking for other groups of people. The last part of the dream was interesting because I stumbled upon a group of scientists doing experiments on both zombies and the drugged in a secret lab in a building thought to be abandoned and full of zombies.