Middle Earth beards

Date: 3/26/2017

By Smidge_Midge

So my dad called me into the living room when this big huge flat package showed up at our house. He told me to open it up and I found flat bags with pictures of the pale orc, Gandalf, gimly (but he looked like gloin) and Thorin. He told me that I could pick between gimly Gandalf and Thorin. It turned out that they were beards and wigs. I grabbed Gandalf and tried it on. The beard was so heavy I could barely hold it up. Gandalf also looked like a Russian guy with a long beard and and instead of a wizard hat he had a weird looking winter Russian hat. I took off the Gandalf beard and said "well I do already have a Gandalf beard" (I was Gandalf for Halloween one year) and tried on the Thorin beard. It fit better but it turned into a mask. I then chose the Thorin mask beard thing and woke up.