Subconscious Screwing With Me

Date: 2/17/2019

By kyle_chandler

I was lucid at my old high school. I saw a dream figure and decided to ask what he represents. “What do you represent?” “Carcinogens” “What does that mean?” “I made it up” “No really, tell me what you represent” I said. He didn’t really answer and just walked away. I followed him onto a bus as he walked away from me. “Come on, tell me what you represent? Is that not a true question?” “It’s true and not true” “What’ true about it?” No real response I went up to a lady on the bus “Ok, what do you represent?” “Popsicle sticks” she said and laughed at me. “Come on, really? So you people don’t represent anything?” There were a bunch of people looking at me now. “You’re my subconscious, we all are, help me out here” I was looking around at everyone on the bus basically giving a speech. “Is something wrong with you?” She asked. “No, but everyone can improve, tell me how I can improve.” “Alaska, move there, Hawaii’s great but..” I forget what she said but she was messing with me. I am considering a move to Hawaii so she picked the polar opposite place to screw with me it seemed like. Then the dream ended and I woke up.