Runaway to Library

Date: 6/25/2019

By SabrinaiBrib9

I don't exactly remember the very beginning of the dream, but at first there was like a quick time lapse thing where like a person (named Josh I guess) died of cancer. It got really depressing and I forgot the rest of that exact scene. After that this grandma of the house made us food and like at first it was fine, but then I guess like a flash of sleepiness happened and we were in a car away from the rest of the people. The only people in the car were me, the grandma, and two other people. I noticed that we all had plates, and on those plates were eggs. Of course the amount on the plate showed how much each of us ate and I came quick to realize that the less the person had on the plate meant the farther they were asleep due to the fact that the eggs were drugged! I was sitting on the back left seat of the car with pretty much all the eggs left on my plate. The girl sitting in the middle back seat had no eggs on her plate and was passed out to the extreme to where I probably couldn't have woken her up. But, the girl to the right seat was about to fall asleep and consumed like half of the eggs. In a panic, I tried to keep her awake but nugging her and whispering to her to stay awake and that everything was going to be okay. I made sure to be careful that the grandma didn't notice (at this point I realized the grandma was my Nanny whom has been gone for about a year.) Eventually I finally woke up the girl to where she knew what was happening and she freaked out. For some reason, Nanny jumped to the back of the car while the car was still in motion and driving fast, I jumped into the drivers seat to take care of that, while I guess the now conscious girl took care of Nanny. Eventually we made it back to the house and Nanny disappeared from the back and both girls were awake. I went into the house to see that Josh, whom died of cancer was now alive, as well as his mother. I was very confused but guessed something happened that messed with the past. I went outside and saw people and thought about running away. But before I did I noticed a friend of mine, Chris. He was sitting by this electric pole which for some reason had one wire tore and hanging beside him. He greeted me with he typical smile and talked to me about Senior stuff due to the fact that he usually talks about school/career related things. Randg came up and talked to him after about stuff. I went back to the car and gathered people up and filled the car up with 6 people including me. It was a tight fit in the back, seeing that 4 people were back there with one person sitting in the divot in the car where feet go. I don't remember what happened after that, but I do remember me, Chris (a person who went with us), and another girl (which I think was my best friend Hannah) got onto a public bus that kinda looked like a school bus and used it all the way to the library. We got out of the bus and went inside to be greeted by an extremely nice librarian. Chris went on to help the librarian with anything she needed and my friend asked about books and eventually checked one out. Then the librarian got to me and I explained what I liked when it came to books. She automatically got up and went to show me movies for some reason. I thanked her, but didn't choose from the movies, seeing that they were little kid princess movies and that I grew out of those. She then showed me some anime posters and I told her that I wished I had money to actually buy one, but she informed me that they were actually free. So I picked the neko one and went the check it out for some reason. And apparently, for getting a poster, I was given money as well. I don't know the exact amount, but I know it was good for 2 or 3 meals. She then gave money to my friend Hannah as well and gave me an envelope with money in it to give to Chris seeing that he was outside chatting. We went outside and I gave him the envelope, in which I received a very confused smile from him. I explained it to him, but also told him I was confused myself. Afte that moment I forgot what happened and the dream ended.