Apocalypse Cover Up

Date: 7/5/2019

By Bex_CM

Ellen Page and I were traveling with another group for safety. She ended up killing one of them so I helped her cover it up and get rid of the body. The person had a black pistol so I took it for safety and so she wouldn't be caught with it. We connected with another group and I had them help me dye the string that kept the pistol holster under my left arm. It was originally blue and white and we dyed it black to help cover up the fact that it was originally the dead guy's gun. Which, anyone looking could tell but since the string showed like spaghetti straps, I wanted to at least make sure it wasn't obvious. Since we were still hiding her secret and she was a little freaked out, she went to a higher floor of a base in a tower. Well, someone else went along after her and caught on so she killed them too. I grabbed two other guys who seemed really chill and asked them to help cover it up by throwing the bodies off the side of the towers mid level courtyard. They shrugged, said sure, and over the side the bodies went. Why? Because if they exploded on the concrete, no one else would be able to tell they were actually killed. And since none of us knew each other well, no one would ever know if they were truly motivated to stay alive or take the easy way out.