A really freaky nightmare (ft a baby owl) Pt 2

Date: 7/27/2019

By Juniwhale

Sorry this is long So I while I was changing into different bathing suits, a freaking bird appeared out nowhere. The bird had a long tongue, really long it was basically a probiscis (straw mouth that butterflies have). The body of it was very plump and round. It had its eyes slightly open, while it was drinking from a small pool of water beside it. It looked at me and I thought it might attack me so I ran. Bird didn’t move so i realized it was good. I picked up the little melon shaped bird- It was an baby owl!! It had these giant orange eyes and fuzzy down feathers. But it could still fly. I immediately had a bond with the owl and it sat on my hand. So I decide to skip class(since I took to long to get dressed in my bathing suit) Okay so I go into my black truck with the owl and as I get in (on the passenger side)- a frat boy comes in and breaks into my truck, along with his buddy who hops in the back. They don’t let me escape and I try to play it real cool. They drove me to my house. The guys literally just start blowing up my stuff with some sort of bomb. They laugh and I just say like “wow why’d you do that, whatever” ( but I seriously want to cry) So they drag me back out to my truck. They start driving really fast. They know that there’s a cliff not far from there, so they start wrecklessly driving towards it. I grab the wheel and the car is jerking left and right, while we avoid the cliffs. The truck crashes and is totaled. I’m devastated, my house and my truck are destroyed. Then the boys get in their own car and tell me they are probably gonna kill my boyfriend next. I am seriously fucking panicking at this point. So I actually ran to the frat boys house- I knew where one of them lived. The mother and sister of one of them was home. I started crying and pleading to the mom that her son was sexually harassing me. I could tell she was upset but she was also pretending to be shocked. I told her they were going to kill my boyfriend at work that night. I pulled out my phone and frantically called him over and over. I called the restaurant phones but nobody answered. In my dream I was sobbing so intense I thought my life was actually this messed up. Then I finally woke up, I went back to sleep and my boyfriend in my dream came home from work. Then later I find out the boys forgot where he worked- but the only reason why they did all that to me was because they were bored. 😡😡😡