Dangerous Endangered Bird

Date: 2/3/2017

By mlwilcox

I had a dream that I was hanging out in a room with a friend of mine, we were texting several different people. I got into the shower to shave. Outside of the room was lush green landscaping, so I went exploring after my shower. I found myself in the ocean, kind of floating around. I saw something in the distance and began swimming to it. My phone was in my hand the entire time, I was keeping it above water. When I got to the island I saw a bald eagle in a tree, I sat against a boulder that was next to the tree it was perched on. I was by myself for only a few moments before people began flocking to the island on seadoos, boats, some of them floated in the way I did. I made my way to the opposite side of the island where an auburn puppy appeared, eager to see me. Benny arrived to the island on a seadoo and seeing him made me happy. I had decided that I wanted to swim back from where I came, but was unsure how I could get back without getting my phone wet. Benny offered to take my phone back with him, so I deleted a few text conversations and handed it over. As I was planning my take off, I looked to my left and realized that we were in fact not on an island, but in a cove. Easily, I could have walked along the shore to get back from where I came but I chose to put a life vest on and swim back. We were at my dad and stepmom's house discussing the island, I was so elated over the bald eagle I had encountered. My stepmom was confused as to how I saw one and lived to tell the tale. She told me that they drop poisonous needles around the places that they perch and it'll kill any predator within 2 hours of them getting lodged into the skin. I found 3 of said needles in the bottom of my feet. We went back to the island and there was a photo shoot going on, so I watched quietly. After some time my skin began to itch and started turning red, Benny was by my side trying to calm me down. I woke up.