My Regrets or Theirs?

Date: 7/1/2017

By lightsleeper

I was laying outside by the pool and imagined the guys saw me in my bikini and instantly regretted not looking at me as someone they were attracted to instead of the nerd. They said hi to me and asked if I were swimming at my house (maybe they saw a pic of me?) and I invited them over somewhat half heartedly to make it seem like I didn't care. It was just me and all of the hot, popular boys having fun in the pool at night with the lights. They all wanted to kiss me. They told me I could choose. I chose Jake or Dennis because I knew the least about them. They saw a different side to me. Mom and dad and my sisters were all not home. The phone rang with a noise complaint from the neighbor, and she asked what the occasion was, and I told her it was me getting into Harvard in front of the guys. She congratulated me but the guys asked me how I felt knowing I lied. I said I didn't lie. They were impressed and I shook it off. I jumped in. The phone rang again and it was my parents or a guy that liked me who I didn't like back and I sexily got out of the pool, pulling myself out of the side and feeling the guys eyes on my back. We were in the blue circular float, all of us peacefully crammed in and our skin touching. I just know for sure that Jake, Dennis, Alex, and Jared were there. They said they regretted not being friends with me for all four years of high school. That this was the new senior week group. I felt hot.