Party with dad

Date: 2/10/2017

By skno315

I was at a party with some friends and friends of friends (mostly unfamiliar faces to me). The house was familiar, an amalgam of houses of friends or places I have seen. My dad came over for some reason and I was worried he would start drinking (he has an alcohol problem). I hung out for a while and then went to find my dad. He was in the basement, at the entrance of the bottom of the stairs. His skin was bubbling with huge, thin boils at his neck, parts of his chest and arms. His skin was so thin at the bubbles that it looked paper-white. The explanation was that he had an allergic reaction to something. He jokingly said to me: "I look like a monster from Resident Evil!" And he really did look that way. However I sensed that he was not in danger and that he would be ok. But when I woke up I wished I had spent more time with him in the dream because he seemed lonely. Next, there was a ham that some of my boyfriend's friends were eating. It needed more slabs cut from it and I wanted to impress them so I offered to cut it. I brought it to the kitchen. It cut so easily with the knife, but I didn't have a plate and couldn't find one until I had already cut some slices. The kitchen was a mix up of a craft store and department type store with home goods and it was hard to find anything. I dropped some slices and they got all dirty. Then I found a plate. Next, there were two girls and I thought they were talking about a tv show but they were talking about me, and told me just to go away and they laughed at me. (That's all I really remember. Not very exciting, just wanted to document it! Getting in the habit of documenting all of my dreams.)