(Very Long and Detailed Dream) Apocalyptic Horrors

Date: 8/26/2017

By QuietQueen

Mariah (sister) and I are with mom, grandma, grandpa, and a few other people at some type of family reunion. I'm drinking while also feeling intense chest pain. I go onto facebook and coincidentally see this graphic meme which says a heart attack is the equivalent of shaking a bottle of coke and opening the lid. Ensuing that a heart attack is basically a heart explosion, and instant death... I'm terrified by this as I burst into tears. My anxiety sky rockets. Grandma then tries to comfort me assuring me that I'm healthy and far too young to suffer any heart attack. I'm slightly comforted by this but then I am once again emotional by the realization that my grandmother is quite old. Memories flood my mind from fond times spent with her and grandpa. I cry. She comforts me again and decides to send my sister and I on a mission: To go to the store and buy some Chardonnay. Mariah and I take the money given to us and set out. At this point in the dream, I can't remember what happened next, but I do know that we are now headed toward Zack's (S/O) house while the town is completely crumbling around us. Its completely chaotic and there are several people in our car with us. I hold in my pockets two sets of keys. Both of which are completely different but equally futuristic. They are necessary for our survival. We arrive to Zack's house which is somehow transformed into this huge hotel/science lab with a double doors entrance. There is a group of people with is, about 10 people total. The others were just a bunch of random young adults of whom I don't actually know. I'm hesitant to go inside with a few other people who were afraid, but Zack and some slightly older man with guns lead the way. I follow behind, making sure to be hypersensitive to my surroundings. It's dark, and extremely spacious which gives off the feeling of not being safe anywhere. The gunman leads us all to a staircase on the left where there is a large metal door with rippled layers in its framework, similar to a garage door, but much thicker and it opens up from the side instead of the bottom. He starts whispering at all of us saying that it's a safe room and that we need to help him get it open. While everyone is trying to pull it open layer by layer, I'm standing there like a useless duck with my head cut off, freaking out. I have no idea what to do. Suddenly, we all hear the sound of something crawling out of a vent down the corridor. The gunman screams "c'mon, guys hurry!!" It is then that I see a small panel beside the door with a key shaped hole in it. A shape which exactly resembles one of the keys that I'm holding. I fumble like a retard trying to get it out of my pocket and onto the panel before whatever the fuck is running towards us gets here. I can't seem to steady my hands enough to put it on the panel, but right in the knick of time as we hear this creates closing in on us, the group gets the door open. We run inside and the door slams shut behind us. We all breathe a sigh of relief until we turn around and see the "safe room". An entire swat team lies dead all around us. And beside each body is a large slimy egg. Some of the eggs begin cracking and Zack leans close to me and says "Kneel and do not move an inch!" I do as he says, and some other people follow suit. Suddenly large creatures hatch out of the eggs! They resemble Xenomorphs! I look around with my eyes careful not to move my head when I spot one of these aliens quite close to me. It takes a deep growly breath and turns it's heads toward me. I shut my eyes tight as I hear it approaching me. I hold my breath. It's teeth are rubbing against my right temple and they feel ice cold and wet. But just as I come to grips that I might die, the creature loses interest and runs away. I open my eyes again to see some people being literally eaten alive by these aliens, and the screams swell within this metal room, piercing my ears. A minute goes by and I haven't moved a muscle. I noticed several of these huge alien babies have followed eachother up into the vent, and my muscles relax. I look around. Only 6 of us remain alive, including Zack and Mariah. I don't remember what happens directly after, so skip ahead a few minutes. We are walking down the corridor following gunman. He informs us that we will need to split up into two groups. One group which will crawl through the vents to get to the safety raft through a vent entrance, the other which will go with him directly to the safety raft because it has a weight limit of only three people in its entry way. So me, mariah, and two other people who I don't know we're gonna take a right at the fork up ahead to get to the vent. Suddenly we hear the sound of screeching behind us, so we run like the wind! I run into the right corridor and find a large dip in the wall to press up against. I'm well hidden, but a girl much slower than me tries to hide in the same spot as me, although the alien is right on her tail. So I turn my face to the wall and brace myself for death which comes in the form of little ice-cold tickles on my back. I died, but I respawn with the group slowly walking toward the fork, like a video game. I hear the screeching happen and once again run in the right corridor, passing the dip in the wall and approaching this ladder leading up into the vents. Everyone shouts at me, "go, hurry!" I get up there as fast as I can while hearing this click sound of the aliens feet on the floor getting closer. I pop my head into the vent and notice that the entire thing is blood red and covered in some weblike goo. I can't even seen the metal vent itself, just this thick goo. I crawl as fast as I can when an alien pops it's head out through an entrance and through the goo by my left. The vent rattles violently as the creature has his head stuck and tries to get it out. I don't even think twice, just continue crawling down to the rendezvous point. I finally get there and pop out of the vent side panel onto the safety raft. Zack kisses me and holds me for a moment. Then I turn my head toward the side vent I had just crawled out of and shout "C'mon, Mariah! It's all clear!!" One by one, the others pour into this huge raft through the vent. Mister gunman smiles at all of us as he zips up the netted barrier and we all sit criss-cross on the air-mattress floor. Suddenly we are all being lifted and we look around. We are at least 50 to 100 feet up in the air. It's night time and we're slowly flying around the back of the facility.. there's a courtyard with a gauge 30 foot wide well. The back of the building is all decrepid, like something from medieval times. He explains as we pass it that it's the old facility that has never been renovated or anything. It's creepy but nothing short of interesting. We are on our way toward the beaches where there are military ships boarding civilians. I'm laying with my back on Zack's chest and my but between his legs. He has me held tight in his arms and I close my eyes overwhelmingly content about life. Suddenly we feel the safety raft go from flying to a hover. We are now hovering just above the ground, about the height of a car, in heavy traffic just over the bridge. I look around at everyone and they all seem numb. But I feel extremely safe in our hovering raft-car thing. Suddenly a jeep behind us starts honking. We turn to look behind it and see that there are four men dressed up as predators being loud and obnoxious. They sounded like a biker gang of men cheering and hooting and hollering. Traffic starts moving slowly and suddenly another jeep whips out right in front of us, cutting us in line. I'm pissed... but when I see who is in the jeep, I'm even more pissed. I see Sarah Luna (annoying girl I know) and Jasmine (Zack's ex). And in my dream Jasmine is hideous and gross, and plain, and slutty. Wearing a fucking thong and a shirt with no bra. Zack is flabbergasted and still holding me tight. For the next fifteen minutes, him and Jasmine are staring at one another and making strange expressions that I can't comprehend. Traffic isn't moving, so gunman unzips the netting and goes out for a piss. A few other people go outside as well to stretch their legs. Now Zack begins kind of rambling about how much he hates her. She was such a bitch to him, and annoying and all this stuff I'm just listening to him, but everything he says feels disingenuous. She then gets out of the jeep and walks to the left side of the road. As she does, Zack says "See, look at her ass! Look!" I look at her and notice through the thong that she is way more peachy than I am. My face goes red and I look back at Zack. He is staring at her with tears in his eyes. I ask him, "What is going on with you?" He says through muffled cries, "I just feel so alone without her.." of course I'm deeply offended by this.. however, I just don't want him to be heartbroken. I want him to be happy, and if I can't provide that happiness, I don't want to be with him. I look at him and say "well then, go get your girl." He responds with "Not without your permission.." and I say, "I want you to go get your girl." He smiles at me, hugs me, and then runs out of the raft and toward her. I watch in awe as I can hear her say "well it's about damn time, stud!" I cringe and also shove cries down in my stomach. I try to exit the raft as well but my muscles are far too weak. Mariah comes up to me and asks what's wrong. I fill her in and she comforts me, tells me to move on. Traffic gets going again, Zack is now in the jeep in front of us and we part ways at the fork on the island. I put on a tough, "I don't fucking care" face but on the inside, my stomach is in knots. We finally get to the dock where the military ship is supposed to be. We don't see it. It has already left... Mariah and I get out and walk down the dock looking around... our town is absolutely fucked, and we don't know what to do next. We see Rose (deceased cousin) there... in horrible condition. She's walking with a cane and asks us to put her in the water knowing that she can't swim. We are both crying but we ablige. Mariah and I on each side of her, we walk her to the end of the dock where we carefully lower her into the water. She looks up at us with dead emotionless eyes as we let her sink in the water.