Quest for Altoids

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

I was with my family at a flea market sort of place and there were tables selling candy and drinks everywhere, but Mom wouldn't let me buy anything. Then I was at a place without anyone I knew and a man over the speaker system announced that me, my friend, Anna Grace, and a guy I don't know were now racing to find the tins of Cinnamon Altoid Mints hidden somewhere in the manager's office. My friend Anna was with me now and we were outside and we both started running because we saw the man we were racing. We ran to a building with doors with labels like office or managers. We all ran into to one that said managers but there were only a bunch of mentally delayed teenagers in there? and other rooms. We lost the guy in those rooms, and ran back outside to a very thin door labeled 'Janitor's' I think. When I opened the door it looked like a safe on the inside and was much smaller than the door. There was a Ziploc bag filled with the tins of altoids, so we all got one. Then when Anna and I turned around there was a white minivan with my family in it and I got in. Then I was at where the dream began, but everything was closing.