Coding and Magic World

Date: 5/8/2019

By armiecandy

I had a dream I went to a Magic World place with my family, kinda like Disney World but it was in like a building of a church. It was like my mom's friend had a birthday party there and we were like special guests in Magic World. It was like 7/10 darkness there. Like really dark. I even remember that I got to hold the candle and it was very hard for me since it was the sparkly kind and when it was on fire, it felt like a massive strong wind was blowing on my hand and all the sparks and birthday candle was directed toward my sister's face( like the wind wanted me to direct it to my sister's face). So she grabbed it from me and I saw her struggle the same way I did. She almost hit the person beside her with the candle sparks n stuff. Anyway, after the singing of the birthday song, the people served brownies and there were like marshmallows in it. For some reason, they were extremely chewy and kinda gummy and I couldn't speak when I was eating it. It was also melty all over my hands and I got really messy. When I was done eating, I know for myself that I had a LOT of chocolate on my teeth. So yeah, we had to settle down after a while because the program was about to start. Anyway,, it started but I still had some chocolate on my teeth so I tried to take it off.. it was so hard to take it off I didnt even get to listen to the announcements. I just heard that there was going to be a challenge and randomly selected people would compete. I just brushed this off because I was also the one who competed last year. Anywayy,, yah, I remembered I had this dream previously,, like this is the second time this happened (like 2nd year inMagic World). A guy from Magic World there was like "here". I thought he was giving it to the person beside me, because i was minding my own business, but he was like, "you, *my real name*". Girl how does he know my name,, he also seemed really excited to give the paper, (the topic of the challenge) to me. So, i got chosen again to be the contestant. Anywaiyy, I saw some pews and sat down with my sister ,, there were strangers from the left side and my family on the right side. I sat inbetween. Anyway, there was like this gravity or inertia that were pulling us to the left, so I kinda got too close, like really squishy heavy to the left side w my fam onto the strangers,, and after that, we felt the gravity or inertia from the right, then i felt the squish they were feeling and aaa it hurt kinda but i had to not say how i felt because they were strangers and they also experienced it. Anyway, after that, the 1st part of the program was over and I studied the topic over lunch (we went out of magic world for a break but we gonna come back after). My sister reminded me i still had the challenge so i was like oh shit i need to study the thing and make notes so i wont stutter when discussing it on front. When i looked at it, it was like something about food or eating. Then it had like a table of elements and some chemical balancing. And at the bottom I remembered it was like an array of vegetables that were stewable (as in the stew soup) and told me which vegetables tasted best rogether. Anyway I got really flustered and worried and started cramming because this was a lot of information I needed to cram in my brain so I can present well in Magic Woeld. Because I remember there were like 4700 people there,, and the stage was really smol, so everyone who really wanted to listen had to look directly at me yikes. Anyway, during this, my mom and dad discovered that my ipad wasnt working again and i just explained my bit and all was well. Anyway, after that, the windows on our van were open and it got hard for me to take notes. And then my sister was like,,, so when are you going to start your coding? I was like, huh what coding... I felt my stomach drop because im very slow in website coding and the challenge was 1 hour away. The contestant needs to present their work using a creative coding. Soo that explains why my sister had a fruit website last year, she took the challenge since i wasnt prepared enough. Anywayy i had to cram harder since I didnt have a laptop, and my ipad wasnt working. So i thought quickly and just decided to take pictures of my notes (my handwriting looked okay and decent) and just crop them and add css animations like the flip box or java script click then a text will appear. But since the fucking van had its windows open, my notes flew and were all over the place. I had my sister help me find some bit those she got were the ones i made last year. Rawr. To add to that, my notes were in two different notwbooks. So twice the mess to find. I was complaining, why is it called magic world, i should be relaxed and have no worries, but all im feeling is stress and cram and everything not relaxed. But complaining wont help me progress. I had to find like pictures where I could put in fadein boxes so that the text wouldnt be revealed immediately. I remember i had to find aladdin pictures but medieval style. I couldnt find any good. I was even thinking hmm should i crop and edit this in canva (an photo editor presentation maker website) or should i just crop this in the code? I was just like fuck it i wont crop any of this shit,, just edit my notes to look clean and whatever. I was complaining and we were nearing magic world and when the van finally stopped, and I got half awake. I realized I was dreaming and told myself that the deadline wont be until tomorrow. I tried doing reality checks but I was too awake. I didnt conplete the code. I still feel stressed and worried for a while. Then I got relaxed and accepted I was awake and I just woke up. I dont know if I consider it a dream or nightmare. Maybe half half?