Crazy Chicken Lady

Date: 8/10/2019

By GoBucksGo34

To preface this story, previously, the clasp on one of my necklaces that I got on Etsy broke. I had sent the seller a message telling her it broke and if there was anything she could do because I had just gotten it less than a month ago. (This actually happened in real life up to this point). I was in a drive thru at a fast food joint. I don't know where but somewhere where they had chicken. It was a long line and I saw someone was calling my phone. I answered it and it was the lady from Etsy. She told me she would send me another necklace. But when I asked if it was going to be free she said no, it would be the regular price. I got mad at her and was yelling on the phone. Things like, "You're not even going to give your loyal customer a refund after I only had it for less than a month?!" and "What the fuck!" Some lady who worked at the restaurant then came out of the building and walked up to my car while I was on the phone. She told me not to talk to her employees like that. For some reason she thought I was talking to someone at the drive thru window (at this point I was almost at the window or maybe I was actually at the window, I can't remember). I told her I was on the phone, but she kept interrupting me and yelling things at me. The lady then walked back into the restaurant. I continued to talk to the Etsy lady on phone, thinking that was over. Then the fast food worker comes storming out of the building with a big piece of chicken in her hand. She throws it at me as I'm on the phone. So then I told her that she was crazy and after she got off of work I was going to wait for her and beat her ass. She said she would call the cops on me. Not even five minutes later a cop comes up to the window to my car (apparently I'm still in line) and wants to know the story. I told him I was actually in an argument with someone on the phone and told him the story about my necklace. As I was doing so he told me to hurry up because I was wasting his time. I then said, "No. SHE'S wasting your time because she threw chicken at me and was acting crazy for no reason, it's in my car somewhere," I said pointing to where she threw it. "I explained to her that I was not talking to any of her fellow employees. Did I retaliate? Yes but when someone throws chicken at me I have a right to." As he's starting to believe me, I go to bring up my call log to show him the time stamps that were on the phone. I recently got a new phone (in real life also) but the button for the phone wasn't where it normally was on my previous phone so by habit I kept opening up the camera. I looked at my camera and it's pointing at a car that is parked on the other side of the lot. Some guy had just lit a firework off right by his parked car. The cop said something along the lines of, "Well that's concerning," and just continued trying to find out my story. As I clicked on the call button to open up my call logs, I woke up.