Harry styles and thrift shop

Date: 5/29/2017

By pheeniealexandra

I was at a thrift shop with gryphon I think and we were moseying around when all of a sudden we see Harry fricken styles walkin around with a friend and obviously I have to go up and say hi, and we hit it off immediately and he was like "I just love thrift shopping!" And I was like "yo same!!!" And I just kinda followed him around and forced him to talk to me and be my friend. And then I was looking at the line to get in and it was hella long and the deltufos, stranges, and my parents were in line and Tristan like from school was behind them with someone and his hair was short? Like cut in a cute hairstyle. And my parents let him hop in front of them but then the women didn't like that so they got back in front of them. And then the dream changed and I was waking up for class and I realized ally hadn't woken me up so I was late? And I walked outside and her class was there but it wasn't Ally it was zaylie and I was like what time is it? And she said 9:32. And I was like why didn't you wake me?? And she was all "I didn't know you wanted me to?" And I was like bitch what? you wake me three times a friggen week!!? And then I foreal woke up