Past Dream I Remember No.1 (Giant spider wearing top hat gives five year old me life advice)

Date: 5/20/2017

By TwentieToo

I was like five years old and i lived in this crappy trailer house and there were always spiders everywhere. One time I even woke up a huge spider on my face and completely froze out of pure terror while it crawled down my body. Anyways, i'm guessing my fear of spiders inspired this dream. I was lying in my bed and it was the middle of the night. There was a gigantic spider with a top hat and cane looming over me. It was as tall as the room, and maybe half as wide. It said all these incredibly wise things to me, though I don't remember what he said. I was five years old, so I'm guessing the spider said something like, "beware the legos on your floor" or something like that. But he then became scared of something and disappeared. I got up to go tell my mom that a ginormous spider wearing strange clothes could talk, but then millions of tiny spiders covered the entire floor. Then I woke up. Spiders- outsider in a situation, to stay away from a tempting situation, feminine power/ overbearing mother figure Top hat- your flamboyant flair, trying to connect to the elegance of the past, wealth, status Cane- need support Advice- need to listen to your instinct/gut Disappearing- fear of loved ones might disappear Something is bigger than normal- authority/power, ego, desire to be dominant in situation/relationship