Date: 8/14/2017

By daner

I dreamt last night that I was in a fictional battle during WW1. The side I was on was using 18th century style fighting- stand in neat lines to shoot and be shot at, while the enemy did the same but had early 20th century machine guns. I look up from the battle field and a fighter plane dogfight is happening above. I spot my friends plane destroying many enemy planes but then crashes into the nearby lake, ejecting at the last moment. I rush to the water and dive in. Next scene I see I'm in an underwater cave helping my pilot friend get out of his ejected seat. We get him out and he joins me in the waist deep water. I look up to the rocky shore and see two enemy soldiers calmly looking down on us. We have no weapons. Nonchalantly, one takes his knife from its sheath and jumps off into the water beside me. He doesn't pop up but then suddenly I'm being stabbed repeatedly from underwater. Shock and terror flood my mind as I start frantically trying to stop him. Stab after stab pierces my skin all over my torso and legs and I feel blood leak out of me. I realize the only thing I can do is try to drown him because he never came up for water, remaining underneath to stab me for some reason. I find his knife arm and hold it away from me with my left arm, while searching for his neck underwater with my right. I find it and lock both arms out, pushing through the struggle of the soldier and continuous stabs. The man starts to slow down and I can feel his body lose strength. After what feels like an eternity, he dies. My memory about the other soldier still standing on the bank of the underwater cave is foggy. All I remember is the shock. I seemed to just float my way out of the cave and into our camp. My wounds had stopped bleeding but I realized my right shoulder blade was protruding from a slash on my back. Somewhere along the journey to our front lines, the bone just fell out. I don't know how I didn't die. Next thing I remember is being in a bar. I'm unsure whether it was in our camp or back in civilian safety, but my wounds remained unhealed yet not bleeding. I was being kicked out of the bar. I pleaded with the bouncer, saying "I fought in the battle and took these stabs and you're kicking me out?" They still removed me from the bar and I cannot remember any more after that. Realist, most freaky/scary dream I've had in a long time.