Be very quiet

Date: 7/23/2017

By sarahsleeps

"Can you be quiet?" He asked. I could see his smile in the dark. The whites of his teeth glowed from the moon shining through the open window. I nodded innocently and softly said, "I could try. I'll try hard I promise." My eyes glued to his face. His eyes lit up as the fire started inside him. Placing both hands on my waist he guided me to his bed sitting me down. With one hand he grabs his t-shirt from the back of his neck and in one swift move sheds it. Then his belt unbuckled and slowly he slid his jeans down. I swallowed hard trying to steady my breathing. He noticed the struggle and his smile only got bigger. He was tall and lean with still a decent amount of muscle on him. I was starting to regret this. I couldn't imagine how removing my clothes for him to see me. No matter how dark it was currently. He slowly moved down toward me. We were face to face. He kissed me slowly and then suddenly it was urgent. Bitting my lip in a release he placed both palms on the bed inching me up toward the pillows with his body. I did as he pleased and he stayed the same distance from my face the whole time. Breathing normally was no longer an option. He steadied himself over me before leaning down to kiss me again. Slowly one hand moved my blouse up exposing part of my stomach. It continued to push the material upward. Next my bra then he tugged harder indicating it was time to remove it. I arched up and he undressed me. Before I could lay back down his hands reached around my back and unclasped my bra. It strung away from my skin. He slid the straps down removing it completely now. Inching back he looked down at me. His eyes slowly taking me in from my neck to my waist. He lifted his hand when his eyes finished and traced the same line his eyes made. I realized I hadn't taken a breath the entire time his hand was on me. He was still now, watching me. I let out a breath trying to make my body relax. He waited another moment, completely still. "You're beautiful." He states. Before I could comment he places a finger on my lips to shush me. "You're amazing. I'm sitting here taking you in. Your eyes, your smile. This body of yours. It makes me feel so weak. I want you. I can hardly control myself enough to stay this still with you so close." My breath hitched and he smiled at this reaction. Bending down again he kissed my lips then moved down my neck and between my breasts. Steering his lips over to the side his lips slowly enclosed on my nipple. Teasing with his tongue. A low groan slipped from my lips. "Ah ah ah." He said lips still brushing against my skin. "You said you would be quiet." He whispered before continuing down my stomach with kisses. He made it to my waist and kissed from one side to the next. His fingers unbuttoning my jeans and tugging them down revealing my light pink lace panties. "I liked these" he said then grabbing ahold of them with his teeth he pulled them down like my jeans. I gasped. I could feel the smirk spread across his face. It wasn't long until I laid there completely naked in front of him. "I want you." He repeated. Kissing my thighs he slowly pushed my legs apart and bent my knees upward. His lips moving closer and closer to the center. He kissed around my other lips. Taking two fingers he spread them and starting kissing me again. His tongue escaping and making way around my clit. I tried to focusing on my breathing but I was suddenly floating. My breath became heavy and my eyes rolled back. I guided my own hands around my body. Grabbing my breast and moving down to sweep through his hair. I tugged a little and he moved in harder making me shake. I couldn't take it any longer. I moaned my built up pleasure. He slowed then raised his eyes toward me. I knew what he'd said. "I just can't." I started. "If you want we can stop but I can't control myself with you doing these things to me. I feel too good. My body has a mind of its own." I pleaded to him. He brought his body up suddenly. I was disappointed that this was going to stop. Instead he slipped his boxers off and brought his body hard back on top of me kissing my lips passionately. By the time he released me I was out of breath. "You have no clue how much I want you right now. I want to fuck you senseless. I want to make you scream my name." He said in a low, horse voice. I stopped breathing again, looking at him with wide eyes. Keeping eye contact he crept his hand back down my stomach. Circling my clit, then entering me. I bit my lip to suppress another moan. "Come on baby." The speed of his fingering going in and out of me quickened. I closed my eyes and allowed a small sound slip past my quivering lips. His fingers disappeared and within seconds he was in me again. Bigger, he filled me slowly. The moan came out harder and louder this time. I opened my eyes to see him smiling. "That's right. Moan for me." He started slow in and out of me. Picking up his pace and shaking the bed. He got deeper and my moans got higher. I bit my lip once I got too loud. "Fuck me.." I moaned out his name and watched as his eyes roll back in ecstasy as he heard me. He picked me up after a moment. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he knelt on the bed. Grabbing my ass he guided my body up and down on his dick. I tossed my head back barely able to process this amazing feeling. His lips wrapped around my nipple again and my body shook. I moved my hand back up to his hair and tugged it up so his lips were mine. I kissed him. He slammed both of our bodies back on the bed. "God you're so fucking hot." He whispered between kisses. I pushed his shoulders up and rolled him onto his back. Without thinking too much I mounted him. Slowly bringing my body down on him, placing him inside me, he tossed his head back. "You're killing me here." He bit his lip and gave my body a once over. Straddling him I smiled at the pleasure of how I must've looked to him right now. I began to move up and down and back and forth trying my best to make him feel as much as I do. Minutes felt like seconds. Hours like minutes. He stopped me and rolled us so he was on top once more. He went hard and fast this time. "Baby I wanna be a gentlemen and make sure you come first but you're making this awfully hard." I laughed and he smirked down at me. He pulled out and made his way back down. Kissing and tonguing my clit. It was only seconds before I felt my body shaking. I was on a cliff ready to jump. He could feel it to. He got up and pushed his dick back hard into me making me scream. A few more thrusts and I was over the edge. Screaming his name. Hearing this he wasn't far behind. "Fuck!" He shoved hard into me shaking as well. His head landed on my chest breathing me in. Seconds later he slowly pulled out slightly whining. Rolling over to my side he brought me into his arms.