Taunted By Ghosts?

Date: 3/12/2017

By thedefinitionoftrash

I was in my house, and my family had left for a trip to California (a real event that will take place only I'm going with) and it was the middle of the day. I was wandering around doing nothing and suddenly my phone charger ripped itself from the wall. I ran out of my room and the door slammed itself behind me and the bathroom light turned on randomly. I bolted outside and sprinted around the block, seeing one of my friends, Benny. He was with a few other people, ones I could recognize but not name. He was riding a penny board but I stopped him, begging him to help me. He followed me with his friends to my house and I told him not to talk to the spirits. He did anyways, taunting them, encouraging them to come out. My charger chord appeared out of no where and whipped around the back room. It went on for a few seconds, all of us just screaming. I was frantically trying to call my mom, but I woke up before I could dial her number.