{2 Dreams} Shopping With Grandpa (Sat June,17 2017)

Date: 6/17/2017

By Sorrnin

1: I am at the store with grandpa and we are separately shopping and I am getting things like sour-cream and onion chips and I see this gluten free buttermilk bread and I think that grandpa already has that bread so I text him a picture and ask him. But I wake up before I get an answer. 2: I am at this place where famous groups would come preform and BTS started preforming. (They are a Kpop boy group) I go right up to the stage and start dancing and having fun. Then I wave to them and they wave back. Then this girl tells me to stop dancing and pulls me away from the stage and I tell her to go away and went back to dancing. Then I am in a circle of people talking about how awesome BTS is. This one guy is listing all the things he loves about them like, their personality and he loves using the meme sayings and I am thinking that I agree with him.