Digital art, The group finds themselves in a strange place, where a Tyrannosaurus Rex is roaring in the middle of the road up ahead.

Night of the living dinos

Date: 8/21/2017

By MsBananaNanner

A Tyrannosaurus Rex is roaring in the middle of the road up ahead. We're in the mountains, but it's mostly dirt, not much vegetation. Everyone is dressed as if it's an archaeology dig. I'm in a jeep type vehicle with my dad and one of my friends. We don't think much of the dino, as we assume it's a theme park animatronic dinosaur. As we approach, though, we realize we are mistaken. The T-Rex chomps down around our vehicle, the frame of the jeep sparing me from getting crushed. Everyone is screaming, trying to flee. The dino grabs my friend, dragging her away. Half of me wants to try to save her, half of me wants to tell my dad to drive faster. The next part I remember the dream has jumped, and it's an earlier time, before my friend was bit by the dinosaur. Her and I are at a university/museum setting, talking to this old professor guy. He's very cryptic and talks almost exclusively in riddles. We figure out that he wants us to talk to a different professor lady because she's in charge of whatever we were wanting approval for. Once we eventually find her, we give a pitch for this new movie we want to make. It's essentially Indiana Jones. But we have to do some actual paleontology first--hence the place where we found Mr. T-Rex trying to eat us.