Star Trek, Election Mail, and Curing Malaria Fruit for Baby

Date: 2/3/2017

By Fitful

I was living with someone, a roommate maybe. A family member or a sister. This other person was my equal but platonic. I was in my room sorting mail and watching star trek. We lived in this warm climate, it was nice enough the doors and windows to the house were open to the out doors and the temperature remained constant indoors or out. It wasnt too hot either. I was on a nice bedspread, white eyelet duvet covering. The bed was made and I was sorting mail, apparently I had gotten a lot of mail all of a sudden. I had a laptop on the bed and I was watching star trek tos. The mail I was sorting did come to me, but was really about the election. (Which election I don't know.) In the dream all the stuff which went to me had to be opened and sorted so i could attribute their votes to where the votes needed to go. When I opened the mail I read each one. Some had a thing in it, like a necklace, or something. Each was all happy and supportive of me and gushing about how they loved me. I wasn't extraordinarily happy over this, but I was happy in an exasperated way. I sorted out a small pile for my sister. She had like three pieces of mail. A bit later I am a few feet away, out of my room and in the next one. This area I am in could be considered connected to the kitchen but I never saw the kitchen. I only saw the high chair was inside on carpet, and the open doors to the outside were directly behind it. I was with the baby, obviously the baby of my sister or roommate, and I was teaching it about mandarin oranges and bananas. It wasn't a cute baby or even kid lesson, no this was about rotten mandarin oranges and bananas which had caught malaria and how I could make them better. I could cure them perfectly as babies, and if they were treated as adults in two weeks I could have them healthy enough to eat. In the dream I saw limp black banana, become better back to yellow as adults, but remained soft and limp. I had a big bucket full of oranges and bananas which were rotten and I was peeling them and giving the good pieces to the baby as I gave my speech. I looked over towards the end, my sister is hiding in the bushes outside watching. She isn't very obvious about it, and I don't actually see her person just her eyes, but I know she's been there the whole time. She is watching her baby, at first I thought she had just left me to care for him apparently she was fine not doing the work but too paranoid to leave. She laughed about the banana and mandarin orange lesson. As if I did this all the time.