4 Dreams in 1 night. Oh boy

Date: 7/12/2019

By ItsABlackCat

This is gonna be really long, just to warn anyone who might be reading this. So I had 4 dreams: the first started with a semi-young me, on a field trip. Me and a bunch of other kids travelled in a Subnautica-like spaceship, with several tools and machines that looked like they were from Subnautica scattered around. We were in swimsuits and swimming in several pools which were inside of the ship, organized randomly, inside of several patios and gazebos that were all built from the same whitish metal material. I remember, near the end, when we were all getting ready to leave, I wanted to stay behind and the teachers in charge were yelling at me. The second dream was in what seemed to be a mashup of two Overwatch maps, where at first I had a bow (I’m assuming I was hanzo) and I wasn’t doing that well, I kept missing shots. I switched to bastion, only as bastion I could build things for some reason. The things seemed like they were from the previous dream- the same subnautica stuff, mostly. And there were also some wooden fences and other things I could build, but you needed specific materials, and the materials on the map were extremely limited, so that if there were 2 bastions who could ‘build’ like this then they would have to fight over the resources. It was like if you took fortnite and Overwatch and mashed em up, so that bastion could have a ‘build mode’ ability and so that you could collect resources. The third dream was in the setting of 50 First Dates (the movie) by the cliff where they played golf. It was a love story, but this time it was a gay love story. I was experiencing the dream from the eyes of one of the boys, so I don’t know what he looked like (except I know he was a boy) but the other boy looked like Castiel from Supernatural. They were on top of the cliff together- I forget if the beginning of the story was the same as 50 First Dates where one boy forgot everything, all I know is that they/we were on top of the cliff- and they jumped into the water together. It was more of a stumble but anyways. They jumped into the water and swam, together, over to a small shoreline. The boy whose perspective I was in said something like ‘Man, that was cold!’ and then quickly added ‘but I’d do it a hundred times for this’ and then they kissed. There were a couple other couples on the beach but they didn’t care who was watching. It was a good kiss. The fourth (and final, thank god) dream was about the same two boys arriving at some old-fashioned American city in a small refugee boat, like immigrants. This time I was my own ‘character’ in the dream, not looking through the eyes of one of the boys. They start to go towards this refugee center, which is like a homeless shelter for the immigrants who were arriving there, but then I come up to them and take them to a special refugee-center. I’m wearing like a suede suit that’s velvety and dark maroon, with a fancy tailcoat and everything, but I’m sort of beat-up looking and a little bit dirty, my hair in a messy braid. I explain to them that since old-fashioned America (or, in the dream, simply America) was not so accepting, they didn’t let LGBTQ+ immigrants stay in their normal refugee center places. I then tell them, as I’m bringing them to a very tall tower, that I was the orphan of two very rich parents who’d owned a successful business, and when they’d passed away, I’d gotten their fortune and I’d been able to continue the business successfully. I’d spent most of the fortune making the tower which I was taking them to, which was like the other refugee center places that the state provided, only mine was available to LGBTQ+ people. I take them through the tower and tell them to choose a room. As we go up the spiral staircase and see all of the rooms you can see that they’re all basically the same. There’s about twenty of the rooms, each with a king-sized bed and a single bed (separated), a dresser/table with a lamp or other light on it, a small mini fridge, a small locker, two windows, and a door leading from the staircase to the room (for privacy). Each bed has a curtain around it. Each room has a theme, too: one is pirate themed, with a skull on blue sheets and a rickety looking table made from a barrel; one is princess themed, with pink sheets and a gauzy pink curtain around the bed and polished mahogany wood for the furniture; etc. etc.. I get to the top of the tower (the boys chose the pirate room and said thanks and everything) and you can tell the top floor is my room. My bed is simple oak wood, with a frame around it but no curtains, and it has only a small red-outlined mattress on it that’s too small and kind of off-center. I have several store-racks that have hangers on them just sitting in my room, some with clothes on them and some empty. Spools of thread and other similar tools are scattered about. I don’t have a dresser but rather a large chest that holds all my possessions and all my clothes. It’s humble, and most of the other stuff in the room will go to the people which I house in my tower anyways. There are even some binders on the floor and it’s apparent I make free binders for any trans men who stay at my LGBTQ+ refugee-tower. My door has a lock on it. I remember thinking, ‘I’ve got to get food for all of these people I have staying here, and I’ve got to expand the tower as well, so I need to get an extra job, but extra work should be easy to find since I’m already rich.’ I think the reason I had four dreams was that I kept being woken up, only to fall back asleep quickly and have yet another dream. I’m just so confused at this point.