Can’t Uninstall

Date: 9/20/2019

By owlixx

I had a rough nightmare. I think I installed a game or clicked on a website that I should not have. I remember at the start there was a bequilled child corpse pinned to a tree that I just walked past for some reason. When I walked past it again, the mother told me “I’m going to show you everything” for some reason. I remember trying to buy a drink from a convenience store and make it to class on time. I remember trying to take my laptop with me but only grabbing the top half of the laptop and having to come back for the other half. The dream didn’t get into the rough part until the game started taking over. Somehow, the game/website started to take over my whole life. It was a horror game and it bled over into the real world. Fundamentally, this was just typical nightmare stuff (intense scariness, jump cuts to diffferent horror movie-Esque scenes, darkness) but the meta-nightmare aspect added a lot of fear and made it hard to wake up from. I think it was a website that you download a “game” from that was basically a virus so it could take over your computer. I kept trying to close it with task manager but I couldn’t. One scene was me shooting at a giant Skag that looked like a dinosaur which seems silly but the important part is the existential threat I felt the entire time and how hard it was to escape even after waking up. Towards the end of the dream/when I was just barely awake, I managed to escape the game but for some reason I was then in direct communication with the creator of the game. He tried to get me to go back to the website, even belittling me. He would taunt me about how I could never escape. I remember trying to verbally abuse him, saying “I hate you, you piece of shit, i fucking hate you” over and over in an attempt to break the cycle. I think the game claimed to have secrets or be the truth about something. Every time I’d “escape” the game, it would just keep popping up like a virus on a computer but in real life. The entire thing ended when the creator of the game texted me “Antibirth is the real secret” as in the fan-made expansion pack for the Binding of Issac video game (this text was accompanied by my phone background being one of the red butthole enemies from BoI). That part happened when I was awake in bed but could still feel the nightmare, and that’s what prompted me to wake up instead of falling back asleep. It felt like he wanted me to fall back asleep and I just couldn’t do that. I’m still not fully recovered from the experience. The nightmare changed “themes” a lot, but I just can’t keep track of them all. I remember the creator admitting “its all just cheap tricks, just like any indie game” but clearly the game messed with more than just my computer. TL;DR: I had a nightmare where I downloaded a horror game that somehow got more real the more I tried to delete it, like a real life Doki Doki Literature Club.