Spoopy House

Date: 3/1/2017

By ilovenightmares

Three children live with their mom in am older Victorian home. She's angry and yells at her children a lot. Often hitting them and threatening to kill them. The children believe that this is because of a doll that they have to sing to at night. You can't kill or run away from the doll or she will find you and turn into this shadow creature and kill you. One night the children find a diary in the attic that states a chant that is suppose to kill it. The eldest brother that night yells back at the mom and she kills herself. The three children say the chant but noises around the house get louder and the doll kills the brother. The youngest daughter tries to eun to the neighbors house while the sister continues to chant but it follows her there. Finally they believe that with their mother dead and the chant said they can sleep. They go to bed in the same bed and the older sister constantly ensures that the doll is dead. They sleep for some time until they wake suddenly in the middle of the night. It's windy and the full moon gives a creepy glow. As one sister assures that everything is okay, the other sees the doll sitting outside their window. The last scene there was a song playing. Sounded liked a little girl humming. Atmosphere was creepy and certainly nightmarish. Doll had black curly hair pale white skin and black velvet dress. Eyes were white. Mother was triggering...