Racist Women and Being Chased

Date: 4/9/2017

By Cj

I was leaning into a long mirror in a room full of women like I would if I was getting ready for a performance. The girls next to me started saying incredibly racist things. I was met by this from other young women as I walked through the town. Martin was with me / joined me, probably in the dressing room, and actually struck one of them. Everyone was shocked. The offending girl said something at him/me again, and he hit her again. I knew that wouldn't go over well in court. I did my best to console Martin and guide him away. I knew that our people would stand behind us if they knew what had happened. ------------ Waiting in line to go into a large museum in a large city. I had a friend waiting in line in my spot while I went into the bathroom to change. I changed, and we enteted the large arena. There was a large machine that looked like a gigantic, industrial tractor. After the show, I was running out of the building because someone was chasing me. It may have been the guy who had been driving the tractor. I don't know what he wanted with me - to do me some harm, use me for something, run me over with some vehicle. I ran up steps and down steps, trying to avoid him. I didn't feel terror or panic, but I screamed in hopes that someone would help or my pursuer would fear the attention and leave. It happened twice - I thought I lost him or that dream moment restarted, and I was running from him again, up stairs leading away from the museum, down the stairs on the hill leading toward the museum. I think finally I ran into officers or people with power who were confused but were sufficient enough to end the chase. There was definely something gay somewhere - I have the vibe/image of stepping out of a bedroom in my mother's parents' house in little clothing, feeling pleasently content in my relationship with a young woman who followed out after me and stood beside me.