It was the Russians

Date: 7/23/2019

By Bex_CM

There was a Russian lab across the street from a US military base. They created a new deadly disease and it began with a cat, a bug, and water. A Russian brought a cat over from across the street and knelt down to chant. As he did, a small bug jumped off the cat and into the palm of his hand which he then set in the water. Before I knew it, I became infected. These black squiggly lines no longer than an inch appeared all over my over. It looked as harmless as if someone had drawn them with a black pen. But they meant sure death. I was kept in a home of a person trying to protect us. I was trying to protect us. Anytime there was a knock, me and a my infected friend would run and hide. This was war time. We could not be found. I remember all of us taking a bath together in this large tub to conserve water. I leaned over to my friend and asked, "do you think they'll get it just by sharing our water?" We immediately got out. They never showed signs of infection though. We had no idea how it spread. We just kept telling everyone to stay away and not touch us for their own safety. These other Russians came knocking one day. Rebels. My friend and I were peeking through the window and were spotted. We warned them but they took it too lightly. They didn't know. They didn't care. They burst in a tried to grab us, claiming they were there to help. They began showing signs of infection but it was driving a little mad. The infection hadn't done that to us and we were scared. We had to barricade them to the back of the house for our safety.