Date: 7/3/2017

By Asdry

I'm not me. In this dream, I am just a little girl, with long black hair and a cute yellow dress. I'm in a cemetery, probably with my dad. There is a strange atmosphere, everything is too quiet, it seems almost surreal. But I don't seem to care about it, after all, I'm just a kid. I'm not even scared of this place, I'm just running around, looking at all the flowers on the graveyards. One of them in particular catches my attention: it's beautiful and yellow, just like my dress. I really like it, so I decide to pick it, even thought I feel something telling not to, because the flower is for a dead man, not me. Then I hear my dad calling me, so I just forget about that feeling and I follow him, until we get on the car in order to go home. It's now dark outside, and I'm watching the cute yellow flower that's still in my hands. Then I get distracted, losing myself in my thoughts. The way home is long, really long. So long that the flower begin to wither. I'm tired. I can't feel myself right now. It's... it's strange. I'm withering too... slowly. My skin is falling apart, and my flesh too... just like the petals of my flower. The car stops. "We're home!" says my father, before turning and seeing the bunch of bleeding bones that took my place. Then, a single scream.